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Booking Appointments

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You may book a 15-minute preliminary appointment for a $40 fee. If you proceed to complete a full appointment within 60 days of this first conversation, the $40 fee will be applied as a credit to your first consultation fees.

3 business days – by Monday 4 pm for Thursday appointments

Intake form
Informed Consent form
Visa Authorization form to hold your appointment slot. You will be charged a $100 fee at the time of booking and the balance will be due the day of the appointment.

The Medical Records Release form is to take to your doctor’s office for lodging in your file there and authorizing release of all records without needing to see a GP to get them each time

1) Most recent blood work results or any lab test reports that are current and relevant

2) Pathology report or report pertaining to the condition you are coming to the Clinic for

These must be submitted in chronological order or there may be a fee of $20 incurred for our office to sort them out.

We can only accept hard copy reports. We do not take scanned and emailed documents as they are too often illegible or unprintable for a number of reasons. In an effort to keep fees down, we ask that clients print what they need to, put them all in date order and mail them in.

The appointment will be kept and information gathered in the consultation just the same, but the written report will be delayed until documents are in hand.

Yes, you can email a concise list of questions pertaining to the protocol or book a 10-15 minutes follow-up phone call. There is no additional fee for this within one month of receiving the written report.

Quick questions that can be answered on the spot without requiring research or any changes to your file do not incur any fees.

Shorter appointments are available in between scheduled full appointments and you may also email in questions. If you have questions that require a written response from Chanchal, it is considered a consultation and charged in 15-minute increments.

Dispensary Procedures

We never ship unsolicited orders. We will send you an estimate and ask you to let us know when you are ready to have us make up the products for you.

Purchase directly from Chanchal’s Dispensary: Custom Tinctures, Teas, creams

Purchase yourself from recommended sites: supplements

No. We grow what we can, but not all the herbs grow in this climate and we don’t have the space to create tinctures or dry and store large amounts of herbs

No, that would require a large amount of space, specialized equipment and a great deal of time. We purchase most of our bulk supplies from a range of international suppliers. We make the infused oils and salves, skin and body care products, room sprays

It really depends on the dose. Typically, 500 mL of the daily tincture lasts approximately 40 to 50 days and 400 g of the tea lasts approximately 40 days

We mail via Canada Post.

If you would prefer courier, we will quote you

To addresses in British Columbia: $ 20.00
To addresses in the rest of Canada: $25.00
Outside of Canada – quote

Yes. We will quote the shipping rate


All of these questions are best answered per case in a consultation. However, with that being said, Chanchal is accustomed to working in a collaborative manner with a wide range of medical practitioners and health care providers in several countries. It is the patient’s responsibility be their own advocate for optimal health care and Chanchal’s role is to coach and educate patients to be able to obtain the level of care they need. Every case is treated individually; sometimes herbs are strongly recommended, sometimes chemo is required and, at the end of the day, whatever is best for the patient is what would be recommended. This is not alternative medicine, making a choice between one form of treatment or another is not required.  As a patient in Chanchal’s clinic you will learn why certain specific supplements and herbs are safe and desirable with chemo or radiation, how to use natural medicines to mitigate side effects of conventional treatments while promoting their beneficial effects, and how to use herbs safely with other drugs.

If you are in BC, the Medical Services Plan is quite restrictive and GPs are not allowed to order a lot of tests except in certain specific diseases. However, all of the blood tests required can be ordered through your GP in BC if you pay the lab directly and he/she writes that on the order slip. Failing even that level of cooperation, we can order almost all of them privately, but the fees are a bit higher.

The Appointment

Follow up appointments are booked every 3 – 6 weeks as needed.

Initial Consultation: We will discuss your symptoms, health concerns, medical, family and personal history, your nutrition and diet, exercise and sleep habits, as well as any other information that will help me to understand the factors contributing to your health concerns. We will also review any previous lab testing or medical records. This initial fee also includes 1 – 2 hours post work-up, plus personalized report, treatment plan and herbal/other recommendations for you.

Follow-up Consultation: This includes graphing of blood work, cross referencing of prescription drugs with herbs to check for safety, writing blood work requisitions and written protocol revisions after the appointment as required.

Chanchal has a variety of additional teaching/speaking/garden activities and more

Please see to see Chanchal and Thierry’s farm


$265 + gst (in Canada)

$100 + gst (in Canada)

$40 + gst (in Canada)

E transfers, Visa, Mastercard and Paypal

You will be charged the fee

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