Business Consulting
with Chanchal Cabrera

My passion is helping you envision & articulate your dream to help make it a reality
With attention to detail and with holistic big picture thinking, I can guide you to ask the right questions, to create realistic development and production timelines, to understand the rules and regulations, and to manifest all the prices and parts required to make your product soar.

I am available to help you plan every aspect of your herbal business:

  • product design and contents rationale
  • sourcing raw materials
  • pricing and costing
  • good manufacturing practices and standard operating procedures
  • legal and licensing issues
  • business planning
  • marketing and promotions

I have over 30 years in the herbal industry and have worked extensively in USA, Canada and UK.

As well as being a clinician with a private practice specializing in holistic oncology, I am trained in GACP (good agricultural and collection practices) and I run a small herb farm, growing herbs for my clinic.

In 1993, I started an herbal medicine manufacturing facility and a retail shop in Vancouver, BC with $20,000 and a lot of hope and faith. Eleven years later when I sold up to buy land in the country, the business was debt free and turning over $1.45 million annually, employing 10 people full time and another 18 people part time with two retail outlets and a mail order division shipping to over 25 countries.

During those years I designed and developed almost 600 products that we sold under our own label.

These included: 

  • 35 herbal tincture blends for health care
  • 45 herbal tea blends for health care and for pleasure
  • Aromatherapy blends for various health concerns
  • Skin care products for different skin types (cleansers, toners, moisturizers, scrubs, masques etc)
  • Body oils
  • Aromatherapy perfume blends
  • Aromatherapy room spray blends
  • Bath and hair care products
  • Natural pet products

From 1996 – 2002, I was a member of three different consecutive advisory committees established by Health Canada to review and create regulations for natural health products. This culminated in the formation of the Natural Health Products Directorate in Ottawa where I subsequently held an advisory capacity during the start up phase.

Business consulting services

  • Visiting herbal expert with Neal’s Yard remedies (UK) 1993 – 1996
  • Designed and developed encapsulated herbal products for Natural Wellness, an international mail-order herbal supplier
  • Consultant for business start up and preliminary product design for Natura Health Products, a practitioner only line of herbal supplements in Oregon.
  • Consultant to Mother Earth Foods WV, in designing and developing a herbal dispensary
  • Consultant to Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine BC in designing and developing a herbal dispensary
  • Product design specialist for Zen Chocolate (therapeutic doses of botanicals in every bar)
  • Product design and development, promotional materials design and development, manufacturing support and business consulting for:  Yerba Prima, Herbal Republic, Nature’s Sunshine, Harmonic Arts, GreenLeaf, Falcon Ridge Farm, Circles Health Clinic, BioForce, Dr. Pushpa Chandra

Contract for business consulting with Chanchal Cabrera

*All fees are in CAD

Prior to contracting for consulting services, you can book a 10 minute telephone call to discuss your concept and assess if there is something I can do to help your project. The cost for this is applied to the first hour of paid consulting if you decide to move forward with me. If I cannot help you there will be no cost for this preliminary call.

Prior to commencing a consulting contract, I will forward you a template for a non-disclosure agreement. This is optional for you but if you want to use it you can adjust it to suit your needs and send it back to me for signing.

Business consulting services are invoiced at $150/hour

Canadian customers are charged 5% GST in addition to hourly rates

The first hour is billed as 10 minutes for preliminary phone call to determine suitability, 15 minutes of preparation – reading documentation you send in advance that outlines your project and details the assistance you need, considering options and ideas and preparing for a telephone consultation, and 35 minutes of telephone discussion.

Subsequent time spent in written follow up or in phone calls, is billed in 30 minute increments.

Billing is sent after every three (3) hour block of work is completed and invoices must be paid in full before the next work block is commenced.

For more extensive projects a personalized contract may be negotiated for the whole work block.

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