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Testimonials from students at Collaborative Holistic Oncology trainings in London, UK, 2016 & 2017
“The weekend with Chanchal was absolutely brilliant and I would definitely be signing up for anything taught by Chanchal!  For me, her experience and wisdom on how to work with people who have Cancer is invaluable. For my practice, this weekend has had a direct impact on how I work and how I plan to support my patients in the future.” – ED
“The oncology seminar was of superior professional and educational quality. We are privileged to have Chanchal Cabrera share with us her wealth of knowledge on cancer pathophysiology and how herbal medicine can support the well being of cancer patients while they undergo allopathic cancer treatment and how herbs can even enhance chemotherapy.” – RA
“The breadth and depth of the content of the course was superb and Chanchal’s delivery and teaching was fantastic. I imagine that every single attendee will have come away with further knowledge and insight as a result.” – LO
“The 3 days were amazing – demanding and intense in terms of digesting the detailed quality of the material presented , but I enjoyed it so much and feel inspired to learn more. I was so impressed with Chanchal’s knowledge and presenting ability .” – LC
“Chanchal is an experienced practitioner who specialises in cancer and herbal therapy. This talk was very informative not only from a herbal therapy and treatment planning point of view, but also to understand the complex biology associated with cancer, all of which Chanchal was able to relay to the audience in a clear and concise detail using first hand examples”. – VA
Having seen Chanchal speak a couple of times now,  I am very much a fan of her presenting style, and passion for what herbs can do. It was incredibly well put-together, and presented in a logical and very applicable manner, meaning that I now feel more confident in developing my strategies within the area of cancer support.”   – HS
“I am still reeling from so much information reverberating within my brain! I feel so privileged to have had such a wonderful experience. Chanchal rocks! More, more and more please.”  – BF
“I found the seminar very informative. More and more people are turning to Collaborative options in their cancer protocol. Chanchal is the best at explaining this subject. I have been to other cancer seminars and left feeling more overwhelmed and confused. In contrast, Chanchal empowered me.” – VS
“The Oncology Seminar was exceptionally good. Chanchal is an excellent speaker who provided in depth and informative information on cancer.” – GW
“This weekend was probably the most valuable CPD I have attended in years. The quality of the information offered and the command that Chanchal has of her material is extraordinary. I now feel that I can offer people with cancer the support they need regardless of the treatments they may choose. Truly excellent.” – NC
“Thank you ! Simply, the best CPD event I have ever had the pleasure to attend. Well done!” HS
Testimonials from Elder College attendees at North Island College lecture on Biophilia, fall 2019
Amazing information - I LOVED IT!-
So eloquent and unique - love the philosophy of cooperation, community and the drawing together of various elements.-
Excellent, nice, fast flow, interesting-
Very enlightening. She is a good speaker-
Exceeded expectation, valuable and well presented-
Learned so much ...!!-
Chanchal is an excellent presenter. Full, clear, informative and impressive presentation.
Excellent material, and presenter – moved at a good pace.
Really good speaker, well done
Didn’t know what to expect. Terrific!
Beyond expectation
Wonderful presentation and info. Great speaker