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'Holistic Cancer Care: SURVIVING AND THRIVING AFTER A DIAGNOSIS' by Chanchal Cabrera. Did you miss this webinar? Purchase a video recording to listen any time Cancer rates are rising everywhere. The average adult in North America or Europe today has a 30 to 50% chance of being diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. At the same time, more and more people are turning to natural medicine as part of their cancer treatment and management plan. Herbal medicine can be used to significant effect across this whole continuum to support normal metabolic functions. Herbs can promote foundational or constitutional wellness, building resilience and immune functions. Herbs can also help manage symptoms such as skin lesions or neuropathy, among other benefits, and exert direct cytotoxic anti-cancer activities. In this way, herbal medicine plays a key role in the practice of holistic oncology. Some of these approaches require professional guidance from a qualified herbalist, but the patients themselves can do a lot at home. From choosing specific foods for their anti-cancer actions to making your tea blends for managing symptoms of chemo to increasing the benefits of radiotherapy with specific supplements, herbal medicine can be used by all cancer patients to promote wellness […]

Shinrin Yoku – Forest Bathing

Innisfree Farm and Botanic Garden 3636 Trent Road Courtenay British Columbia CANADA V9N 9R4, British Columbia

Learn how to manage anxiety, depression, stress, and high blood pressure with this nature immersion practice. Shinrin Yoku comes from Japan and Korea where it is recognized as an effective treatment for many chronic conditions including dysbiosis of the gut and chronic inflammation. Slow and contemplative walking, ‘being’ in Nature, not ‘doing’, bathing in volatile chemicals emitted by trees, breathing deeply to absorb the medicine from the air, this is a sensory experience of receiving healing from Nature. Learn the art of walking mindfully in the forest, walking very slowly, contemplatively, and practicing being present. Without needing to question where you are going or when you will get there, you will be able to allow the mind to drop to a quiet place, to imbibe the aromatic molecules in the air, and receive healing from the forest. Understand the science, experience the healing. Prescribed by doctors for hypertension, depression, anxiety and more, forest walks are useful for all of us for stress management and cultivating inner peace. The lecture and forest walk will describe and explain through modern science and through experience the innate, inherent resonance and connection we feel with and in ‘Nature’. It will use science and clinical […]