Using Alkaloids in Clinical Practice


Always respected and often feared, the alkaloids are among the most pharmacologically active plant constituents. Geared towards existing practitioners and senior students, Chanchal will teach you how to use these strong herbs respectfully, safely and effectively. Topics include Methylxanthines, Pyridine and piperidine alkalaloids, Pyrrolizidine alkaloids, Indole alkaloids, Protoberberines and also Monoterpenoid indoles. Organized by the UK Association of Naturopathic Practitioners (ANP), this online course includes 12 hours of content, five 2-hour recorded videos, two 1-hour Q&As with Chanchal, unlimited access to the material and a CPD & Certificate of Completion. Cost is £90 (roughly 153.75 CAD or whatever the current daily exchange is)   The online course starts June 1, 2021 and for more information and to register, visit the ANP website.